Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Witches of the Horseshoe Book 1 

Here’s another great book from the Dragon and Mr. Sneeze series from Blue Skeleton. This is book one in the Witches of the Horseshoe series.

Let’s get right to the point: “Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Witches of the Horseshoe, Book 1” isn’t just good—it’s utterly captivating. It gets your attention from the very first page and carries you off into a mythical world where dragons, ghosts, witches, and the mysterious blue skeletons coexist in a narrative that is both captivating and remarkably well-balanced.

I LOVE fantasy and witches and dragons so I was excited to see what this one was about, from the title and description alone. When a book opens with a quote from Mary Balogh, a New York Times Bestselling author, you know you’re in for a treat. And trust me, by the end of the first chapter, you’ll be absolutely hooked, ready to set sail on the magical waters of Blue Skeleton’s extraordinary universe.

At the heart of the story is Famka, an orphan from a small Texan town. Despite her bleak surroundings, Famka’s life takes an exciting turn when she gets the chance to audition for the Sky Builders’ Guild, a top-notch school for witches. This twist of fate sets her off on a journey of self-discovery, expertly weaving a coming-of-age tale that speaks to all of us, even us adults.

My favorite part of this book is how the author really brings Famka to life. She’s more than your typical teenage protagonist, but also the personification of the trials of growing up. And there are so many things to admire about her – her bravery in the face of adversity and perseverance in the pursuit of her dreams. I found myself rooting for her all the way through.

I also loved our side character Ophelia and the world-building in this series is fantastic. You’ll feel like you’ve been whipped away into another land and you’re experiencing it all first hand. The supporting cast isn’t just there to fill up the pages; they add depth to the story and significantly impact Famka and her personal journal.

Through this story, we see a blending of genres – there’s mystery, adventure, suspense, magic, and drama. From the Drolling dragons to the magical beings and the mysteriously intriguing Other Side of the Graveyard, the author paints a vivid and riveting picture.

This is a page-turner, you won’t want to put down until you find out what happens next.

Get it here on Amazon and start this awesome series today!

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