Unearthing Secrets and Unraveling Truths: A Dive into Baumgartner’s World of Suspense

by S.F. Baumgartner

If there is one emotion that S.F. Baumgartner’s “Buried Secrets” excels at inducing, it’s the cold thrill of suspense. It’s the kind of book that prompts a second glance over your shoulder, almost as if Dylan’s shadowy adversaries might jump out of the pages and into your world.

It’s a quick read and I didn’t want to put it down, anxious to see what would happen next. If you’re looking for a quick and thrilling novella, consider “Buried Secrets”.

Storyline: Dylan Roche’s life takes a tumultuous turn with a simple knock on his door. An attorney’s visit brings to light startling revelations about his lineage and a heritage buried deep in the labyrinths of power, secrets, and a lurking malevolence. As Dylan delves deeper into his family’s enigmatic history, he finds himself trapped in a web of deceit, facing imminent danger from forces that wish to keep the past shrouded.

One can’t help but empathize with Dylan. Imagine a world turned upside down, where the bedrock of your identity is yanked from beneath your feet. That’s the emotional roller coaster Baumgartner sends her protagonist on, and readers are all too willing to join the harrowing ride.

Writing Style: Baumgartner has a natural knack for building tension. The pacing is just right – not too rushed to be overwhelming and not too slow to lose the reader’s interest. Every chapter, every scene inches you closer to the edge of your seat, urging you to turn the page, to unearth the next piece of the puzzle.

The arc of the story, even in its novella form, promises a series filled with intrigue and revelations. I read the expanded edition epilogue and it was great!

Conclusion: “Buried Secrets” is not merely a story; it’s an experience. It nudges readers to question their own realities and the truths they’ve been fed. While Dylan’s journey is fictional, the emotions it stirs are undeniably real. For those who love to plunge into a whirlwind of family secrets, looming threats, and a protagonist you can’t help but root for, this novella serves as a perfect entry into what promises to be an exhilarating series.

After all, aren’t the deepest secrets often hidden in plain sight?

Available in paperback, Kindle and Audiobook formats.

S.F. Baumgartner

S.F. Baumgartner writes Christian suspense thrillers, including the Mirror Estate series. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Hawaii and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati. She adores peace and quiet, her kitties and exercise. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or binge-watching crime TV shows. She lives in Ohio with her family.

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