Edmund Street 

by Rony Jane 

Valerie Smith is a student who is interested in crimes. When she found out her employer was dead, she was able to reach an agreement with the police to help with the investigation. This led to twists and turns that helped her endure an exciting summer in an otherwise not-so-exciting Newcastle.

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“Edmund Street” by Rony Jane is a mystery novel that follows Valerie Smith, a student with an interest in crime who gets involved in an investigation after her employer is found dead.

Set in Newcastle, the story is full of great twists and turns, starting from our first introduction of Valerie, who describes how she had once wanted to be a forensic scientist, and how she loved the thrill. Changing her mind over the years, from police officer, to criminology, and she hoped she’d find what she was looking for in life.

She gets more than she first bargained for when something strange starts happening at the boarding house where she works and her boss ends up dead. She works out a deal to help detectives find the killer and it turns into a regular who-done-it as they go through all the current boarders.

Everyone is a suspect.

Anyone could have done it. Will Valerie be able to help the detectives uncover the mystery of who killed her boss?

The ending will surprise you! Secrets uncovered as Valerie learns how much she really loves being a detective and how close to feels to Edmund Street.

About the Author

Rony Jane was born and raised in Sofia Bulgaria. Her mother was very keen on raising a kid who loves reading and she succeed. Rony was not only an avid reader but became an author as well. Her books are based on her work life in England. She is currently living in Birmingham, England with her partner and their lovely and smiling three and a half years old daughter Yana.

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