Forgotten Secret: A Psychological Suspense Thriller (Mirror Estate Series Book 2)

by S.F. Baumgartner

The next installment in the Mirror Estates series is here and I am so grateful to have received an ARC to review and share with you today.

I was quite excited to read “Forgotten Secret,” the second book in S.F. Baumgartner’s Mirror Estate Series, since I love psychological suspense thrillers and I have loved each book in this series so far. It didn’t let me down, I must admit. This riveting and thought-provoking Christian thriller skillfully blends aspects of suspense, psychological depth, and faith.

The protagonist of the tale is magazine writer Clara Khoury, a 44-year-old woman struggling with jumbled recollections of her past. Clara’s persona is masterfully developed. Her vulnerability combined with her tenacity and resolve make her not just a character to root for but also someone you can relate to on a deep level. You are drawn into every page of her trip because of the compassion and reality with which it is described. Her journey is full of inner struggles and outside threats.

The story follows Clara as she tries to piece together her past after discovering a young woman’s remains that awaken long-forgotten memories. Her family is in danger as she becomes more deeply involved in her inquiry and becomes trapped in a web of lies. Because of the extremely high stakes, “Forgotten Secret” is a real page-turner.

This book stands out for its deft handling of Christian themes and suspense. The story is enhanced by the examination of faith in the face of adversity, providing poignant moments of introspection amid the gripping narrative turns.

Sharp and captivating, Baumgartner’s writing skillfully strikes a balance between psychological thriller aspects and deeper, more contemplative themes. The timing is ideal, maintaining a high level of suspense while providing opportunity for deliberate revelations and character growth.

To sum up, “Forgotten Secret” is an engaging, skillfully written follow-up that not only meets but surpasses the standards set by its predecessor while also standing strong on its own. Fans of the genre and anyone who enjoys a narrative that’s as much about cracking a thrilling mystery as it is about the resiliency of the human spirit should definitely read it.

Preorder today! Releases Jan 8th

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