Kingdom Love: A Parable of Everlasting Love

by Mayra Barry 

There was nothing more Joshua Christos wanted than to be with Eva Emunah in the world across from his. Knowing her for so long, he desired to somehow meet her in person. His supernatural power was too strong to remain inside her world because of the darkness that fell in it.

Eva Emunah had nothing going for her in life. Unbeknownst of Joshua’s world across from hers, she gave up hope of ever having a good life. Her life was about to drastically change when a strange man entered into her life.

As the opportunity for Joshua to introduce himself to her became available, Joshua wasted no time showing her how valuable she was to him.

While their love grew, Joshua’s evil servant, Tannin Falsity, was prepared to stop at nothing to spoil Joshua’s plans. Even if it meant starting with Eva.

KINGDOM LOVE is an inspirational story full of paranormal suspense, action, and a little romance. The adventures and challenges within the story are meant to inspire you as you dive into the lives of the perfect Joshua Christos and the imperfect Eva Emunah as they prove that love can break through any evil or challenge that comes between them.

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