Hachi + Araine // Awake: The Dream Series Book 1

by Michael G. Hurston

It’s a rare pleasure to come across a book in the huge genres of science fiction and fantasy that not only captures the reader’s imagination but also makes them feel something genuinely human. Michael G. Hurston’s “Hachi + Araine // Awake: The Dream Series Book 1” is one of these treasures. This captivating story combines a moving examination of friendship, identity, and resiliency with an exciting action-packed adventure. It was a lot of fun to read and I loved this beautiful cover.

The story introduces us to Hachi, a fearsome warrior from Tau, and Araine, her golem partner, as they awaken from a thousand-year cryopod slumber to find that the world has disappeared. After their former allies vanished, Hachi and Araine embarked on a mission to locate their relatives. They meet Sara, a human scavenger, along the way, and their unexpected friendship and celestial treasure hunt are ignited.

This book is unique because of how well the characters are developed. Even though she is a skilled fighter, Hachi struggles with social anxiety and the deep loss of her folks. She is not your average hero because of her heartbreaking and realistic self-discovery journey. Sara, Araine, and Hachi have a dynamic that is masterfully shown, demonstrating the strength of friendship and trust even among the unlikeliest of allies.

The story does a fantastic job of creating a complex web of new worlds and civilizations. Hurston’s precise wording keeps the pages spinning as her vivid descriptions carry readers to distant cosmos. The skillful blending of high-stakes adventure with personal development and revelation guarantees that readers will be engrossed in the characters’ emotional journeys in addition to the quest’s conclusion.

The book also explores themes of identity, belonging, and the pursuit of purpose in a world that has changed. Hachi’s internal conflict and her attempts to adjust to new circumstances have a profoundly human resonance, representing the desire for acceptance and understanding. The addition of Sara, a real person with her own complexity and past, highlights the range of viewpoints and experiences while also adding a rich layer to the drama.

Hachi + Araine // Awake: The Dream Series Book 1” is a tribute to the courage that comes from being vulnerable and the enduring power of friendship. This book is essential reading for both science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts because to Hurston’s deft narrative and compelling character development. Long after you turn the last page, the story lingers in your mind, encouraging readers to tackle their own struggles with bravery and optimism.

Finally, “Hachi + Araine // Awake” by Michael G. Hurston is a remarkable beginning to what seems to be a series that will never be forgotten. It’s a tale of friendship, adventure, and the unwavering search for one’s place in the cosmos. Look no farther if you’re searching for a book that blends intense emotional relevance with exhilarating space adventures.

I loved it so much that I went on to read the next two books right away. You can find my review of book two here, and book three here. You can also learn more at the author’s website for the book series. This series is also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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