Scales of the West

by Diego Balasquide 

Where do I even begin to tell you about this one? I love dinosaurs and I grew up obsessed with Jurassic Park. I also have very fond memories of watching old Westerns with my grandma on one of the two channels she got where she lived deep in the country. One thing I have never once thought about was combining the two. But Balasquide thought of it! And he has done it so well.

Diego Balasquide’s “Scales of the West” is a brilliant journey into a universe where the wild West meets the age of dinosaurs, creating a story that is both exhilarating and incredibly relatable. In Balasquide, the stark, dusty landscapes of a prehistoric North America—where dinosaurs roam free and humans are far from the top of the food chain—are expertly combined with aspects of fantasy and adventure.

The story revolves around the little, precarious town of Triceratops Canyon, which is thrown into disarray after two law enforcement officers are mysteriously killed. The story of bravery, camaraderie, and the pursuit of justice is set in motion by the arrival of a new, cunning Marshal, who only serves to intensify the unrest. Balasquide tackles themes of bravery, the significance of conquering one’s anxieties, and the unwavering force of optimism via the perspectives of Emma, Junior, and their friends.

“Scales of the West” stands out not only because of its unusual surroundings but also because of its heart. The path of Emma and Junior is one of emotional development, resiliency, and the realization that unity is strong. A gripping story that holds readers’ attention from the very first to the very last page, their adventures are accentuated by exhilarating encounters with dinosaurs and the bare beauty of a prehistoric landscape.

Balasquide’s writing is captivating and colorful, vividly capturing the lush North American environment and its fierce creatures. We are lured into the story by the realistic and well-drawn characters, who all have hopes and worries of their own. It brings a skillful blending of action, mystery, and emotional depth.

All in all, it is a tale of survival, the ties that bind us, and humanity’s determination in the face of the largest dinosaurs. Anyone searching for an epic fantasy adventure that pushes the boundaries of the genre while remaining faithful to its core should definitely pick up this book.

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Welcome to a new age of prehistory.

In this epic fantasy adventure, the Old West meets the age of the dinosaurs. Man is not the dominant species and North America is a lush wilderness filled with vicious monsters.

Fear divides the vulnerable citizens of Triceratops Canyon. Two lawmen are murdered overnight and a new, malicious Marshal sent to replace them plunges the small desert town into turmoil. But two brave souls will seek the truth behind their fathers’ deaths.

Emma and her best friend Junior will endure the odds, face their fears and save their home before it’s too late. Alongside Emma’s trusted companion Rover and a mysterious new friend named Nate, they’ll find strength in unity and discover the power of hope.

Blending exciting dinosaur action with a heartfelt tale of courage, Scales of the West is a fantasy Western adventure unlike any other.

About the Author

Diego Balasquide was born in southern Puerto Rico in 1993. Having loved movies from a young age, he eventually grew to love the art of filmmaking, which led him to pursue a career in creative writing.

In 2019 he graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Film, followed by a Master’s in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2021.

His love of the Jurassic Park films and interest in social issues led to the publication of his first novel, Scales of the West

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