Ice Cold – A Fake Dating Pretend Relationship Romance

by Gwen Penrose

Available on Amazon and in KU.

Retired gold medalist ice figure skater Jane Marigold, now working minimum wage jobs after a scandal ended her career before she was 20, decided to sell a jersey signed by ice hockey champion Manny Sorenson, who had abruptly announced his retirement at age 25, after winning his fourth championship match.

Her action would lead to a chance meeting with Manny Sorenson, and when the two decide to go back on the ice as ice dancers, they pretend to be in a relationship to boost ticket sales, but as their partnership strengthens and feelings develop, their romance turns into something genuine.

Besides fake dating, this 40,000 word novel also features:
*Size Difference
*Class Difference
*Bed Sharing / Only One Bed
*First Time / Loss of Virginity
*Puppy Play / Pet Play

A great fake dating sports romance.

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