Echoes of Reckoning – Book Review

by Ron Shaw

I am so excited to tell you all about Echoes of Reckoning, a brand new debut novel from Ron Shaw, available on Amazon Kindle. I received an ARC of this book from the author and I was so excited to read it just from the blurb alone.

This book follows the main character, Clayton “Clay” Mitchell into the afterlife, when he dies very unexpectedly. Clay finds himself in Purgatory and facing a quest fueled by a passionate desire to reunite with his previously deceased fiancé, Ava. He also wants to break free from the ethereal shackles that bind him in Purgatory and find his way back to the land of the living.

Shaw has written Clay in such a compelling and relatable way, I found myself rooting him on and also feeling every bit like I could understand what he was going through.

Probably my favorite character, however, is Azrael “Az” Angue, the personification of Death itself. I really love a strong antagonist and Az brings everything I love about a “bad guy” and more. Shaw has written the relationship between the two so well that they feel real. Their dynamic is complex, and Az’s role within the story adds a sense of urgency, as Clay fights to find Ava and free himself.

He is not on this mission alone because he also forms bonds with a band of other lost souls, each battling their own internal demons and external threats in Purgatory. When they team up together, they try to decipher the riddle of the elusive gateway that may offer them all a return to the world of the living.

Just how far will a soul go to get a second chance at life? Will Clay be able to outpace his face? Will he and Ava reunite? I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I can say the ending makes the whole adventure worth it.

This is an excellent debut novel from a strong author, and I cannot wait to read more from Shaw.

Echoes of Reckoning is available on Amazon.

About the Author:

Ron Shaw is a novelist originally from New England, now residing in Manchester, New Hampshire. With a lifelong passion for writing, Ron has recently focused his attention on crafting novels. When not writing, he can be found engrossed in books about the intersection of technology, physics, and psychology. Ron also enjoys quiet contemplation on the beach, gazing out into the vast expanse. His debut novel, “Echoes of Reckoning,” marks the beginning of his promising career as a novelist.

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