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Infectious Injustice by Justin Cook – Author Spotlight

Justin Cook is the author of Infectious Injustice: The True Story of Survival and Loss against Corruption, the COVID-19 Disaster inside of San Quentin, and the Dumpster Fire that is Known as Mass Incarceration and I’d really love to tell you a bit more about him and his book in this Author Spotlight.

A secret preview into the treacherous journey of a man thrown from a successful life in Silicon Valley into the dark asphyxiating prison of San Quentin, with murders, serial killers, rats, and COVID around every corner. This true story is told by an inmate who was inside, living and breathing in the system of incarceration for nearly two years. He paints a masterpiece of detail by challenging the stigma that prisoners are less than people, that law enforcement is superior, and that the system of incarceration in the United States is still functioning. You will join him in the cell while he recounts hunger strikes, malnutrition, panic, and pandemonium, by weaving comedic banter with a stoic sense of realism. This is a captivating tale of how sick and dying men, caused by the nationally publicized disaster of thirty deaths in a short period in the prison, stitched together the remnants of their shattered dignity and formed a brotherhood to withstand all odds; it paints the solo journey of a man’s struggle through addiction, loss, corruption, oppression, racism, and fear. You won’t put down this enthralling and uttering engrossing saga of survival, a triumphant testament to the endurance of the human spirit, loyalty, respect, and the fallacy of rehabilitation while incarcerated.

About the author

Justin Cook was born in Nevada. He’s a technical architect who has worked at the most prestigious companies and holds over fifty technical certifications, including top-tier status among the technical community worldwide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature, a master’s in information systems, and is pursuing a PhD in information systems. He also taught at a college in Nevada and was a faculty member in the information technology department. He is a marathon runner who has also stupidly run with the bulls in Pamplona, twice. He speaks four languages, which he developed while living abroad in Spain, France, and Germany. He has traveled to over thirty countries, which translates to he doesn’t know how to save money. He enjoys teaching Kenpo, where he holds a black belt, playing piano, snowboarding, and hiking. He is much better at being divorced than he was at being married. He is a father of rambunctious kids who enjoy reminding him that he is no longer cool and is gaining weight. He now lives in a house free of bars that is made for naps, reading books, and drinking too much coffee. Most days, you will find him lounging in his Kirkland sweats from Costco, writing, where he transports readers to a place where bold heroes have endearing flaws, as he broadly addresses the human experience. The swashbuckling action-adventure Infectious Injustice is his first novel.

I asked Justin a few questions about himself and his book and I am happy to share with you today.

What do you love most about writing?

I never planned to become a writer, but I started writing in a time when I was experienced something that had to be shared. I’m so grateful that the book has become a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 9 categories, is published in 3 languages, and hasn’t even out a month yet! Yet that was never the goal. The goal was to get the message to as many people as possible.

What do you think readers will love about your books?

The book is so genuine that it’s painful. Many reviews have called it a “Modern Classic” but I see it as being classically honest in a time when lies run our country. At times, it’s brutal. But to me, writing isn’t supposed to be pretty. Things yanked from the soul tend to be messy.

Are you currently working on any new books or writing projects?

I am finishing a sequel to the book now, but SH! Don’t tell anyone. It will be out next year.

Where can people follow you online to learn more?

Find me at

Do you have a favorite book or author?

I majored in Spanish Literature in college so I will always say Cervantes, but right now I am doing another pass through Kerouac’s novels.

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