Love & Passion (Tales of Naihme Book 2) – Book Review

by V.E. Bailey

“The Shadow Lord has been vanquished!” the heralds cried in unison, their voices deafened by the adoring crowd.

From the very first line, this book will draw you in. The second book in the Tales of Naihme series, “Love & Passion,” is a captivating story written by V.E. Bailey. This book takes readers on an emotional trip through a war-torn universe where human growth, romance, and redemption all take place amid mayhem.

I was originally drawn in by this beautiful cover and wanted to learn more about the book and the series. From there, the story pulled me in and kept me turning the pages.

The protagonist of the tale, Valadar Trisdan, is a multifaceted and likable figure who is coping with the fallout from a devastating war in which he is the only survivor. A man divided between the weight of his past and the hope of a better future, Valadar is plagued by frightening memories and keeps a sinister secret. He’s relatable and real, and it’s easy to become immersed in his story and his plight.

Bailey skillfully introduces us to Aezil, a captivating Daemoness escaping the harsh practices of her people. She was probably my favorite character – although it’s hard to pick just one.

Valadar and Aezil traverse the difficult terrain of the Scorched Wilds with the help of an eccentric Pixie girl and a lovable gang of strange locals, finding comfort and camaraderie in each other’s presence. Their budding romance gives life to a story that is as much about love as it is about personal redemption, serving as a lovely counterpoint to the depressing background.

As Prince Baradele Nanyelle, a vicious and power-hungry adversary, tries to take Valadar’s Deific armor, the tension grows. As the story picks up steam, Valadar is faced with a decision: give the armor to the evil prince or put his connection with Aezil and his newfound family in jeopardy by donning it again. What choice will he make? You’ll have to read it yourself to find out!

Bailey’s tale is engrossing, drawing readers into a world of mystery, love, and sacrifice via the use of vivid descriptions and lively dialogue. Readers will find themselves rooting for Valadar and Aezil’s journey because of their genuine and passionate chemistry. At least, I know I was!

Love & Passion” explores identity, bereavement, and the strength of human connection; it does so by skillfully fusing these issues into an engaging story. I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys both romance and fantasy because of Bailey’s skill in creating complex and nuanced characters and an engaging storyline.

To sum it up, V.E. Bailey’s “Love & Passion” is an intense, emotional journey that delves into the depths of the human psyche, leaving a lasting impression that will stick with you long after you put the book down.

You can get it on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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