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Introducing Julia George

I sat down to learn a little more about Author Julia George to share with you today.

Annalise: Hey Julia George, how is author life in the year 2023?

Julia George: Strangely tough, but not bad. I am a housewife first. My two kids, Abishai David and Abigail David, and my husband Robin David, keep me busy.

I published a book called “A Real Life Super Hero – Hrithik Roshan.” Right after that, the writers’ strike happened in and around the USA. I acknowledge that writers can’t survive, especially if you’re a self-publisher. If I were divorced, I would not have survived on a writer’s allowance, looking at the situation from my perspective. I live with support from my husband Robin David.

A: Can you tell us more about the book?

J: The book focuses on speech therapists and how the superstar Hrithik Roshan paved his way, surpassing his flaws of stuttering. I wrote a film script but never had the opportunity to share it with the superstar. That’s when the idea came to write the book.

The book delves into how the charming actor did not let stuttering stop him. With the help of a few speech therapists, he overcame that hurdle, and the book takes you through his achievements thus far. The message was not to let your flaws stop you from being the best version of yourself. The superstar Hrithik Roshan has a million female fans worldwide, so Julia George, along with another million women, are guilty as charged.

Book credit goes to the endless coders promoting Hrithik Roshan on Instagram and to my speech therapist husband, who is constantly showing off how amazing he is at what he does. A big salute to you all, Hrithik Roshan Coders, and to my hubby, Speech Therapist Robin David, for motivating me to write this book.

A: Can you tell us about any other projects or things you have going on?

J: It’s also been two years since I wrote “60 Scenes to the Life of Padmini Aniyan.” I met her at Mayura Restaurant, where she’s the boss lady who runs the show. My husband and I have been acquainted with Padmini Mam for about 10 years. She’s phenomenal at her hospitality when you stop by Mayura Restaurant in Los Angeles. Having lived in Kerala and knowing a thing or two about it got me interested in the story of her life and how the restaurant became part of Los Angeles.

An interview and a cinematic sauté of spice completed “60 Scenes to the Life of Padmini Aniyan.” Seeing a younger picture of them made me think of Pranav Mohanlal & Parineeti Chopra together, but it was them. So, if this book were to be turned into a film, I’ve narrowed down my cast. This summarizes my present moment of writerhood.

A: That’s awesome! Can you tell us what else keeps you busy when you’re not writing?

J: What else keeps me busy? My three-year affair with the Shakespeare Saga.

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