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Irv Segal – Author Spotlight

Irv Segal graduated from yeshiva– Rabbinical College, with a B.A. in Talmudic law and led an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish lifestyle as a young adult.

After earning his certification as a computer programmer, he went on to hold a variety of jobs in the software field, and eventually started his own software services firm.

His Jake Cooper Novel series is inspired by his personal experiences. I asked Irv a few questions about his books and his writing. Let’s take a look!

What do you love most about writing?

Creating thrilling entertainment for others while providing insight into the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox culture. I love it when readers tell me they couldn’t put the book down or were on the edge of their seat throughout the entire story.

What do you think readers will love about your books?

The way I hook them from the get-go and provide hours of entertainment. My first book is a bit long – over 500 pages. But readers say they are zipping through it because it’s so engaging. The future books in the series won’t be that long. I’m planning to keep those to around 300 pages starting with the next one entitled… Fatal Flaw in the ___. You’ll have to wait for the release planned for December 2023 to find out the rest of the Title!

Are you currently working on any new books or writing projects?

Yes. I am currently writing the second book in my Jake Cooper Novel series. I have plots for the next 10 books already planned. I’m also an avid punster and publish my ongoing series titled “Dad Jokes: All Original Puns” on Kindle Vella, although I’m thinking of changing the title to “Endless Puns”. But that’s more of a hobby. My focus is on writing more Jake Cooper thrillers.

Where can people follow you online to learn more?

They can follow me on Amazon or they can visit my website at

Do you have a favorite book or author?

The husband and wife writing duo Jonathan and Faye Kellerman are the two authors that really inspired me to publish my first book and continue it as a series.

Thank you so much, Irv! It was great learning more about you and your books.

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