Tangled Secrets: A Suspense Thriller (Mirror Estate Series Book 3)

by S.F. Baumgartner 

Book 3 of 3: Mirror Estate Series

Two women. One targeted by an unknown enemy. One accused of murder. Will they overcome their obstacles?

Coming April 29th to Amazon in paperback, hardcover, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

I was very excited to receive an advanced review copy of the third book in the Mirror Estate Series. I’ve read the other books and enjoyed them very much, and had no doubts this one would be the same. I really love the cover on this one, and although it follows the same style as the other books in the series, it stands out in its own right. I’m a fan of Baumgartner’s style of writing and I love a good suspense thriller.

So, let’s dive into this one!

S.F. Baumgartner’s “Tangled Secrets” starts off with a relationship chart that I found really helpful. The prologue gives us some background into our main character, Grace, so we have a deeper understanding of her as the story begins. From the first page, the story draws you in, and both meets and exceeds the standards set by the previous books in the series.

Plot Overview:

The narrative centers on Grace Benson and Sheila Mitchell, two women whose lives are turned upside down by unexpected events that plunge them into the depths of a criminal investigation and emotional agony. Before a menacing note takes Grace, a 25-year-old schoolteacher, into a terrifying and suspicious world, her existence is characterized by routine and simplicity. When the FBI intervenes and upends her formerly tranquil life, the tension grows.

Sheila has a tale that is equally captivating. The first line of chapter one, Sheila says, “I need help. I think my husband is a spy.” From there, I was hooked and needed to know more. The middle-aged wedding designer has her life turned upside down when she finds her husband dead under suspicious circumstances, with her at the center of the crime. The case draws her ex-husband, an FBI agent, into it, thickening the narrative and creating further complications for an already complicated scenario.

Character Development:

Baumgartner is a master at creating credible, fully realized characters, which is something I appreciated in the other books in this series as well. Grace’s transformation from an innocent schoolteacher to a lady entangled in a risky game is depicted with nuance and realism. But as she makes her way through the muddy waters of personal loss and accusations, Sheila paints a picture of resiliency and tenacity.

Sharp lines are used to depict the secondary characters, such as the FBI agents and the people from the women’s pasts, who each provide a different shade to the story’s grim overall theme. These people’ interactions with one another provide a throbbing story that examines themes of survival, treachery, and trust.

Writing Style:

The pages turn because of Baumgartner’s sharp, captivating prose that has a sense of tension. The story moves at a good clip, mixing intense sequences that will leave readers gasping for air with calmer, more contemplative passages. One of the things that sets “Tangled Secrets” apart in the genre is the author’s remarkable ability to keep the reader engaged even as the mystery is gradually revealed.

Themes and Intrigue:

Fundamentally, the book delves deeply into the human psyche, exploring the ways in which common people respond to unusual circumstances. The in-depth exploration of the concept of survival against unknown opponents prompts readers to consider how well they actually know those around them.

Final Thoughts:

A gripping read, “Tangled Secrets: A Suspense Thriller” offers suspense, emotional depth, and a cleverly written mystery. S.F. Baumgartner never ceases to astound me with her ability to engross readers in her deftly constructed world. Her ability to tell a compelling story is demonstrated in this work, which also confirms her status as a renowned thriller writer. This book promises an exciting ride that is not to be missed, regardless of how long you have been a fan of the Mirror Estate Series.

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