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On Writing: Your First Book

Have you always wanted to write a book? Not sure where to start? I have a book for you!

This book was created for those individuals who desire to take the first step in the book writing process. I’m a firm believer that everyone has their very own story to tell. But not everyone knows how to start the process.
Let this book be your guide to beginning the process of book writing.

“Your voice is your vision and your legacy has the potential to be legendary!”
Luther T. Collins

Luther T Collins

Luther T. Collins is an author, publisher, radio show host, playwright, philanthropist, and creative architect. Luther has written a wide variety of self-help, inspirational, poetry, stage plays, and children’s books. He is the CEO of Legacy Voice Productions where he has guided new authors in the publishing journey from start to finish!

“Inspire me to be great and I will forever be inspired!” – Luther T. Collins

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