Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigeon Forge

Your Favorite Hilarious Little Pig Gets Invited to perform in the finale of the Dolly Parton Stampede … 5-10] (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series)

by JoAnn Wagner (Author), David Darchicourt (Illustrator)

It’s time to talk about another installment in the Sir Pigglesworth Adventure series. I love this children’s book series so much and will continually recommend it for young readers. If you have young children or work with them as a teacher, day care provider, librarian, etc.

Book 8 of 9: Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series

When Sir Pigglesworth opened the invitation from Dolly Parton herself asking him to come to perform at the finale of the Stampede Dinner Theater, he could hardly wait to get to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Sir Pigglesworth turns daredevil in Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigeon Forge, as the fun-loving piglet goes extreme, in his most exciting and hilarious exploits yet! He jumps in a monster truck (of course, he wants to drive it!), rides the churning rapids in a whitewater rafting adventure, rides the scariest roller coaster at Dollywood amusement park … and even gets in a Zorb ball and bounces down a mountain!

The lovable little pig also learns all kinds of new things about forest fire prevention at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, discovers sign language when he meets a new friend who is hearing impaired and devours a humongous banana split at Mel’s Diner!

The Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series has quickly become a favorite of teachers, parents, and grandparents for teaching kids about geography and cultures, and kids can’t get enough of the talking pig and his hysterical adventures. Next stop… New Mexico, in Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures at the Balloon Festival!

Get it here on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition.

About the Author

JoAnn Wagner is the award-winning creative author behind the enchanting Sir Pigglesworth
Adventure Series for children. The lovable piglet known as Sir Pigglesworth burst onto the scene
in September 2014 with a bubbling charm that has been captivating young readers worldwide
ever since. With nine exciting adventures published so far, JoAnn’s exceptional series has won
multiple honors including the Royal Dragonfly Awards for Children’s Chapter Series (2016) and
the Texas Authors Association Award for Children’s Series (2017). In fact, Book 8 earned the
Pinnacle Book Achievement award just two weeks after its release! And in 2016, her creativity
and success were acknowledged in a four-page feature in the December issue of Story Monsters
Ink magazine.

JoAnn’s storytelling magic transcends borders – all of her books are now available in Spanish,
winning the Texas Authors Association Award for Spanish Children’s Series in 2018 – and she is
currently having the books translated into other languages as well. JoAnn’s charisma and
passion for children’s literature have made her a popular figure for radio interviews, and a
sought-after guest for schools, churches, daycare centers, and libraries. JoAnn delights children
with her lively book readings.

JoAnn also conducts workshops to inspire and guide middle school children in their writing
journey and often shares her author experiences with diverse audiences, including the Altrusa
International service group. An active participant in the literary world, JoAnn maintains
membership in the Texas Authors Association, AuthorYou organization, National Association for
Bilingual Education (NABE), and the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is
also looking forward to eventually bringing Sir Pigglesworth’s adventures to the small screen.
Outside of her writing, JoAnn spends time with a large family including 5 children, 6
grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Born in New York, JoAnn’s heart was quickly won over
by Texas, where she ultimately spent 30 years working in the Dallas medical community, at the
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. JoAnn retired from her career in medicine to
embrace her author journey fully.

JoAnn’s remarkable journey as an author began in May 2014 when her pastor shared a pink
flying-pig stress ball with the church members. Rather than posting her own vacation photos,
JoAnn started sharing images of people she met, matched with fun-filled quotes featuring the
piglet she had dubbed “Sir Pigglesworth.” It wasn’t long before her friends and their children
eagerly awaited the next episode of his adventures – and a star was born!

In her down time, JoAnn enjoys a good read across all genres, trying out new recipes on her
dinner guests, playing with her grandchildren, hosting game nights, and traveling. She’s a
passionate cook whose culinary skills keep her friends coming back for more, and a self proclaimed bookworm.

Even her treadmill time is a chance to delve into a good book!
JoAnn and her charming piglet, Sir Pigglesworth, still have a full itinerary of thrilling adventures
and global travels ahead. In the upcoming tenth Book, she plans to take the English-born Sir
Pigglesworth to his homeland of London where he helps Scotland Yard solve a mystery. And in
Book 11, our playful friend enjoys a romp on a dude ranch, promising all kinds of mischief!
JoAnn’s vibrant series is currently available in print-on-demand via Amazon, in English and
Spanish, with more languages to come. Offering readers worldwide a chance to join Sir
Pigglesworth’s on his exciting escapades.

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