Trans Rights Readathon 2024

Trans Rights Are Human Rights!

The book community stands behind our transgender friends and family. I am so happy to be participating in the 2nd annual Trans Rights Readathon along with the BookTok community.

Donate here:

It has been a difficult year for the trans* community as legislators continue to pass laws to take away basic human rights, make it more difficult to receive gender-affirming care, and criminalize the existence of trans citizens.

From March 22-29th, we will be reading and promoting books by trans* and nonbinary authors and those with trans* and nonbinary characters. We’ll also be encouraging followers to donate to support trans* people! Here is a message from Sim Kern from last year, for the inaugural event.

This year, Sim will have some help running the event. You can follow the Trans Rights Readathon account on TikTok for updates and information.

Last year I raised funds for North Star LGBTQ Center, an organization in my city that has various programs to support trans adults and youth. This year, I will be raising funds directly for trans people in need. There are FOUR individuals I would like to help and the donations will be split between them at the end to assist with:

  • Travel for medical care
  • Costs of medical care/ doctor visits
  • Costs of medicine for gender-affirming care
  • Non-medical gender-affirming care
  • Specialty clothing items (such as binders, underwear, etc.)

Some books I will be reading are:

  • The Fool, The Lovers, The Devil by Riley Quinn
  • The Spirit Bares Its Teeth by Andrew Joseph White
  • The Moth Keeper by K. O’Neill
  • Phantom and Rook by Aelina Isaacs
  • The Heartbreak Bakery by A. R. Capetta
  • Both Can Be True by Jules Machias
  • Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston by Esme Symes-Smith
  • Saint, Sorrow, Sinner by Freydis Moon
  • The Deep by Rivers Soloman

I will be donating $10 for every book I complete in the readathon and I ask you to make any donation – big or small – to help us toward our goal and to show your support for the trans community and trans rights.

You can follow my journey via BookTok @annalisereads and also follow others participating in the Trans Rights Readathon by following the hashtag #transrightsreadathon and also by following the account of the original creator of the event @simkern

Thank you for your support and much love,


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