Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigonia

The Story of Sir Pigglesworth as a Young Piglet, with Pirate Battles! (Toddler-Level Violence) [Illustrated Chapter … 6-10] (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series 4) 

by JoAnn Wagner

The Royal Dragonfly Awards 1st Place Winner in the Children’s Chapter Book category takes readers to the island nation of Pigonia, where we learn how young Spencer Hoggbottom, Esquire became the famous Sir Pigglesworth!

In the Atlantic Ocean, a colony of royal pigs lived peacefully for over 200 years. Suddenly, little piglets were getting pig-napped, and the scurvy pirates led by the infamous Captain Phineas Nastybeard were seen coming ashore from pirate ships. The pigs of Pigonia had no way to protect themselves until Admiral Cornelius Snout and Reginald Hoggbottom of New York led a heroic rescue mission!

A year later, Spencer, AKA Sir Pigglesworth, was born in Pigonia, and the little pig lived a happy life of playing with friends and playing pranks for over 5 years… until Spencer and his friends spot the Jolly Roger pirate flag coming over the horizon and Nastybeard, Peg Leg McGee and the rest of the pirate horde arrive in the cove, looking for more piglets to kidnap. Armed with only the usual pig “weapons”, like mud-balls, tomatoes, potatoes, and rubber bullets, can Admiral Snout, Spencer, and the royal pigs save the piglets and defeat the nasty pirates…?!

The Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series has quickly become a favorite of teachers, parents, and grandparents for teaching kids about geography and cultures, and kids can’t get enough of the funny pig and his crazy adventures. Next stop… beautiful sandy beaches and luxury, in Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Bermuda!

About the Author

JoAnn Wagner is the creative mind behind the “Sir Pigglesworth® Adventure Series,” and is
known for her engaging storytelling via a cute and vivacious globe-trotting pig. Wagner’s work
has earned her the Royal Dragonfly Awards for Children’s Chapter Series, the Pinnacle Book
Achievement award, and a NABE award for bilingual publishing. She lives with her husband in
Mesquite TX, a suburb of Dallas.

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