Meet Me on Christmas Eve

by Alana Highbury 

From Alana Highbury, Amazon bestselling author, comes an emotional second-chance romance just in time for Christmas

Two people, with a reversal of fortunes.
A love of Christmas buried from a difficult past.
Regret and resentment abound, with a fire that was never truly extinguished.

Now an elite resort owner in snowy Minnesota, Mariana has left her humble past firmly behind her—not to mention an epic heartbreak from 10 years ago. When she decides to expand her business to acquire a quaint Christmas village and reclaim her secret love of the holiday, the last thing she expects is to run into him.

Once a wealthy young man who lost it all, Terry Grant is just as dismayed about their encounter as Mariana is. Resentment about their summer romance and their reversal of fortunes—and the fateful Christmas Eve meet-up that never happened—brews between them as Terry becomes an obstacle in her business plans.

Mariana is determined to listen to her head, not her heart. After all, she survived these past 10 years by avoiding emotions and making smart decisions, not pining after a lost love.

But can she resist him when fate brings them together this Christmas?

This is a sweet romance without explicit scenes, but it does contain profanity and some serious themes.

Coming November 21st!

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