The In-Between: Life in the Micro

by Christian Espinosa 

This is a #1 new release in Biographies of Philosophers and I am so grateful to have received an ARC of this book and be able to tell you about it here. This book by Christian Espinosa invites us all to slow down and take time to see those little things in life. He begins with a story of his own experience – May 9, 2022 – a day that changed everything for him.

Riding in the car with his partner Vanessa, in the middle of the afternoon, a bad accident happened at an intersection. Narrowly missing it themselves, he jumped into action to check on the drivers, call 911, and assist until help arrived. This accident awakened a desire in him to paint a complete picture of who he wanted to be and how he wanted to approach life.

He realized that he had been rushing through life, always focused on one macro moment after another – the next big project or mountain to climb. But during the accident, time stood still and he was focused only on those micro-moments. It invites us all to explore how we have been living and if we are missing out on the in-between, those micro moments.

Some regrets don’t hit you all at once. They seep in at the corners of your life, at night or on a long drive, until they become a refrain. Those are the worst regrets of all.

Through the author’s stories and memories, we are invited to explore our own lives and see if we’ve been living in the in-between or if we’ve been missing out on precious micro-moments. The book also goes into important steps on how to do this yourself – from actionable awareness to informed intentions and value alignment, the book is more than just philosophy; it helps you take action and create change.

There is so much value, especially in the chapters on authenticity and what this really means, choosing and understanding your core values, learning to take inspired action that aligns with your core values, and even how to be more present in your day-to-day, in all areas of your life.

He also teaches us about insight and leadership, how we can each make a difference in the world and the people around us. There are many profound thoughts in The In-Between that you will be thinking about long after you put it down. I highly recommend reading with a journal or notebook so you can jot down ideas and epiphanies as they come to you. This is a book that can truly change your life, in the same way that fateful car accident changed his.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

About the Author

Christian Espinosa, an esteemed thought leader, is most known as the bestselling author of The Smartest Person in the Room, a book that explores the limitations of seeking validation through achievement and the desire to be the brightest intellect in any room. With a deep desire to inspire others to harness their innate wisdom, overcome perceived barriers, and summon the courage to tread new paths, Christian authored his latest book, The In-Between: Life in the Micro. This book chronicles his remarkable transformation-from a “me against the world” mindset, cultivated during his tumultuous upbringing, to his evolution as a compassionate global citizen committed to uplifting humanity.

A dynamic entrepreneur, Christian built and successfully sold Alpine Security, a cybersecurity business. He founded and currently leads Blue Goat Cyber. He also has an array of professional and personal development certifications. His expertise extends beyond the confines of the corporate world: he’s a white hat hacker, a captivating keynote speaker, a perceptive real estate investor, and a connoisseur of heavy metal music and fiery cuisines. He’s also spent time in the Mexican jungle, is a C-License skydiver, and PADI divemaster. Whatever Christian tries, he tends to master.

Beyond his impactful professional pursuits, Christian’s zest for life knows no bounds. An adventurer at heart, he fearlessly leaps from planes and balloons, conquers towering peaks, explores the globe, imparts wisdom in outdoor wilderness survival, and even takes on the rigorous challenges of Ironman triathlons. Having completed an impressive 24 Ironman triathlons and scaled two of the renowned Seven Summits, Christian Espinosa epitomizes the spirit of transformative leadership and unyielding exploration. 

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