Victory: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way: A Christian Romance Adventure

A Twist of Fate: Joe Smith Endures Hardship only to Fall in Love and Become a Hero to Many: Kemet Island Series (Book 1)

by Mayra Barry 

If you enjoy reading books full of adventure and clean romance, then the Kemet Island series is for you, as there is much adventure that happens in the life of Joe Smith.

He not only had a good home and a father who loved him, but also a wealthy future inheritance. At a young age, Joe becomes an expert at doing trade and captaining his father’s ship, but despite the goodness in his life, a scheme is formed for his demise as he is betrayed into the hands of pirates.

When all seems lost, Joe strengthens his spirit as he relies on his mother’s faith and his hard-working attitude. After much praying, he experiences a sudden change in destiny when his skills in sailing and trading become known.

Victoria Kemet secretly helps Joe when she sees something unique in him. Soon, a romance begins between the two as Joe learns to let go of his past and allows his heart to trust again.

Victory is an Inspirational Christian Romance novel meant to keep you on the edge of your seat during the adventurous scenes throughout the book. Join the adventures with Joe Smith, as he never leaves his faith in the midst of the challenges and rewards that befall him. Through it all, he’ll take you on amazing voyages and odysseys as he begins his legacy on Kemet Island.

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