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The South Side Of Heaven by Stella Stella

The South Side of Heaven takes you on a journey where the idea of meeting loved ones in heaven becomes a vivid exploration through the pages of this short fiction book. It tells the story of its main character who, in a dreamlike setting beyond the clouds, experiences the warmth of reuniting with those they’ve lost, revisiting cherished memories, and finding a sense of peace and bliss that seems almost divine. This narrative invites you into a version of the afterlife that’s both comforting and intriguing, showing a side of heaven filled with love and serenity.

The book manages to touch deeply on themes of love and what it means to find peace after loss. It crafts a heaven that’s not just a place but a feeling of ultimate joy and tranquility. Through the eyes of the protagonist, readers get to see a realm where the afterlife offers a chance to heal and be happy again.

The South Side of Heaven doesn’t shy away from the emotional weight of its premise but handles it with a gentle narrative that’s relatable and heartwarming, making it a memorable tale of what lies on the other side.

This is such a great read and would also make a great gift for a friend who may feel inspired or moved by this story as well.

About the Author:

Stella Stella has this message for readers:

Hello Reader’s (and listeners on Audible), it is my pleasure to share my passion for enjoyable short stories written in easy conversational style, and that accompany your chill time. I believe a perfect relaxation setting consists of you, your coffee table or beach chair, and a Stella Stella read (drinks are optional).

I am retired and have a decent amount of life experiences. Some good and others not so much. Nonetheless, I share them, in hopes to spark much needed politics, of laughter.

Like many, I have also read writings by famous Literary Authors like Hemingway, Lee, Poe, Steinbeck, Twain, Wells, etc. I have no knocks against those authors, nor their writings, but none of them told stories that were relatable for my life or people who have similar paradigms like mine. And so, I decided that within the realm of literature, there is also room for me.

I am super proud of my first Coffee Table Book which features SIX short stories, plus TWO column reads. Contents include:

1 A Widow And A Friend

2 Bingo-Pam

3 Life Is A Funny Thing

4 If I Had A Daughter

5 The South Side of Heaven

6 *Thanksgiving Dinner

7 *Riddle Me This

8 *I’ll Always Love Tupac

*Writings available only in the Coffee Table Book

Individual Releases:

BINGO-PAM – The unlikely mistress! Think scandal, surprise, and shock. However, disbelief is not an option because all is based on true events. A huge “shout-out” to Denise (Landry) for narrating and capturing the spirit of Bingo-Pam.

A WIDOW AND A FRIEND will challenge your paradigm. This is a beautiful and timeless short story of Love, Romance, and Friendship, with a twist. It captures tenderness and dynamics of mature aged people who already have life experience. Make sure to have another person read this so you can share and debate your perspectives. A personal note – this is my favorite writing (so far). Truly, I believe this story would make a beautiful screenplay.

IF I HAD A DAUGHTER – As developing young ladies, we think we know a lot. Often there is more to learn – so I share some jewels that aren’t usually spoken, yet, we all want our daughters to know.

A PERSONAL JOURNAL; 26 DAYS TRAVELING THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – My pilgrimage journal while on the Camino De Santiago was originally intended to share only with a few close friends, who later, insisted I publish it. This was my epic post retirement adventure hiking through Spain. If you are seriously considering this pilgrimage, my exact PACKING LIST is available for Amazon’s nominal fee, or you can email me and I’ll send it to you at no cost.

NOBODIES FOOL! Think Girls Trip – then add adventure, covert, stealth, and money. This is perfect for your weekend travel bag.

LIFS IS A FUNNY THING (2nd Edition) – my debut autobiography that explains my family dynamics. Written in the same manner spoken amongst “my folks”. I share my real family, and real stories. This is laugh out loud funny! And, all of it is true. Note: The short explanation for the 2nd edition – this was my very first publication. After I gained more experience with writing, I went back to this original and improved some grammar and flow.

Coming Soon… – My Amiga, Marlina AND, Nobodies Fool II (This really happened)

PS – Yell out “STELLA” – and you’ll always remember my author name -:)

Hit Me Up ~ Ask Me Anything: Stellastella122333 atgmaildotcom Repeat, that is Stella Stella 1 22 333

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