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Tied to You – Book Review

by Cassandra Crull 

I am so grateful to have received a review copy of Cassandra Crull’s “Tied to You” so that I could read and enjoy it, as well as share it with you here. This novel, rooted in themes of redemption, forgiveness, and self-love, offers an emotional voyage that resonates with anyone striving to overcome their past and embrace their true self.

In this story, we follow Kat Sells, who lives what seems to be an ordinary life until some things from her past begin to resurface. Now, Kat will be forced to confront the memories and decisions in life that shaped who she is today. This book takes us on a decades-spanning journey with Kat as she tries to fix her past mistakes.

We will see her try to reconcile a traumatic past that she hoped had been behind her forever. This is a very raw and relatable book in so many ways and what makes “Tied to You” truly special is its unflinching honesty.

Crull has created characters who are not just realistic and replete with flaws, but also remarkably relatable. It’s hard to look at Kat’s path and not recognize a little bit of ourselves in her problems and victories because she portrays them with such candor and real vulnerability. We find ourselves supporting Kat through every obstacle she encounters, experiencing her triumphs and setbacks as though they were our own.

One thing Kat’s story does particularly well is the exploration of self-love and personal growth. While our own journeys may not look just like Kat’s, we all have a similar path to walk and that makes reading this story especially personal and reflective.

It is a reminder that while we cannot change our past, we do have the power to shape our future. Through forgiveness and self-acceptance, we can each find our own road to growth. Crull’s message is clear and potent: bad decisions do not define us; rather, they propel us toward growth and new possibilities.

Read the content warnings as this book does touch on controversial or triggering topics such as mental health, abortion, suicide, drugs, and hate speech. But it’s all for a purpose as we see a character who comes from the lowest of lows to her best life, when the past comes back to haunt her again. How will she handle these challenges? How will she face the demons from her past and reconcile with who she is today?

This story is full of emotional twists and turns, but you’ll find yourself rooting for Kat all along the way. It was a fast read, but at times an emotional roller coaster. It’s intense, but that’s part of what makes it so memorable. This is a book you will keep thinking about long after you put it down.

A 5/5 for me. Would read more from this author.

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