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It’s Here! April 2024 Witchy Book Blast! It’s Here!

If you loved Stuff Your Kindle Day, I have another opportunity to fill your e-reader with FREE books! This one is specifically for those witchy bookworms. Today is the April 2024 Witchy Book Blast where many authors of witchy-themed books have chosen to make their ebooks FREE for you. It’s one-day only, so head on over and start getting your books today!

I’ve taken a screenshot to show you how the page is set up to tell you the title, author, categories, short description of the book and then your link to get it. But please go to the website to find the full list. The organizers have put in a lot of hard work setting this up and ensuring everything goes smoothly on this big day.

Just like other days similar to this, all you need to do is go to the website, find the books you want, and open the Amazon (or other retailer) link and the book will be available for free. Always double check the price before you purchase, especially if you are looking after April 27, 2024. These books are only guaranteed free on this ONE day. However, some authors leave them free for a day or two after so if you’re seeing this late, you may still be able to get some (just check the prices before you buy).

Get Your FREE Witchy Books Here!

If you love reading books with witchy themes, head on over and grab some new titles. Be sure to tell a friend as well!


Do I have to have a Kindle/Kindle subscription to participate?

No. You are able to download these free ebooks on any preferred ereader and/or ereading app that the author/publisher may offer!

Do I get to keep them?

Yes. These are FREE books to buy! You own them forever.

Does this count toward my borrow limit on Kindle Unlimited?

No. Make sure to click on the “buy” option instead of the “read for free” option!

DISCLAIMER: This information and the associated links have been provided by the authors taking part in the blast. Please contact them individually if you experience any issues.
TIMEZONE: Authors have been asked to make their books free for one day – 27 April (12:01am PST /27/24 through to 11:59pm PST /27/24). Some authors choose to make their books free for longer – as is their right. Witchy Bookworms takes no responsibility for books that are not free during this time.

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