Comprehensive Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide Review

If you are looking for a complete EA exam study guide to help you prep for the test, I’ve got you covered! This Comprehensive Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide is updated for 2024-2025. While it is short and concise, it will cover every subject you may encourate on all three parts of the EA exam:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Representation

Everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand way, making studying less of a headache.

The guide will start you off with a brief introduction to what an Enrolled Agent is and the three part of the testing that you will need to pass to get certified. It will also talk to you about the exam application, the windows for signing up and testing, and other important details.

It will also give you some basic info on testing and exam tips. The guide gives you some detailed highlights of what you’re going to learn from this guidebook and also talks to you about the correct order to take the exams, Prometric strategies and more.

From here, it dives into the content itself, which is all organized very neatly by subject matter and makes it so easy to study. Even if you can only do a little at a time each day, you can take it in bite-sized chunks and come back to it again when you’re able.

This guide will tell you all the professional terms you need to know but it avoids using technical jargon for teaching you what you need to know. The clear, concise language and practical layout makes it so much easier to absorb the information and you will be completely ready for your exam. All in all, this is a solid EA exam guidebook that will teach you everything you need to know.

Beyond the study guide, they also offer a variety of online tools to help you, including 10,000 exam practice questions, a test bank, practice exams, AI exam tutor, power notes and much more. Once you finish studying with this guide, you can go do some practice questions or even a practice exam to see how you score. This will help you know if you need to keep studying, or if you’re in a good place to go ahead with your real exam.

Studying for the EA Exam can be stressful, but this guide really takes a lot of the worry out of the process for you.

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