Unraveling the Threads of Existence: A Review of Lenka Dvorcakova’s Crazy Game Called Life

by Lenka Dvorcakova 

In a world that moves at a pace faster than our contemplative minds can handle, Lenka Dvorcakova’s collection of short stories, “Crazy Game Called Life,” serves as a gentle but insistent reminder to pause, reflect, and look within. This anthology of nine science fiction stories has the incredible ability to hold up a mirror, inviting readers to ponder life, existence, and the reality of our world, all with a graceful touch of cosmic wonder. It was just the little break from everyday routine that I needed!

Each narrative within the book, be it the journey of a girl transcending life and death, the poignant tale of a luxurious abode transforming into the final resort for those escaping life, or the mind-bending story of a frog being the first matter to come to life, is meticulously crafted. Dvorcakova brilliantly balances rich character development and plot construction with thoughtful reflections on deep-seated philosophical questions. This is the kind of book that’s perfect for a book club so you can discuss all of the stories and what you each garnered from it.

Crazy Game Called Life” feels like a magical realist’s take on existentialism, combined with the rich imagination of science fiction. Dvorcakova uses this unique blend to tackle complex themes: What is the meaning of life? What constitutes reality? What lies beyond the veil of death? And what is the ‘truth’ of our existence? The book never shies away from these questions, and yet, it leaves ample space for readers to weave their interpretations and conclusions, therein lies its charm.

One aspect that is especially praiseworthy is the accessibility of the writing. Despite delving into hefty themes, the narrative never becomes overbearing or esoteric. It maintains a balance, thereby making it a delightful read for those who have been long-time explorers of these themes and those who are just starting their journey.

It is a testament to Dvorcakova’s skill as an author, who not only has a profound understanding of the human condition but also a gift for storytelling that engages the heart and the mind in equal measures.

Crazy Game Called Life” is more than just a collection of science fiction stories. It is a treasure trove of existential exploration, a thought-provoking journey that urges us to connect with our lost identities, to remember our true nature, and to acknowledge our souls. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves to think, to question, and to dream beyond the realm of the known.

Lenka Dvorcakova’s “Crazy Game Called Life” is a delightful paradox – it unsettles you, challenges you, and yet, in the end, it leaves you with a sense of serene contemplation. With bated breath, we look forward to her next venture into the depths of human existence.

About the Author

Lenka Dvorcakova

Lenka Dvorcakova was born in Presov city in Slovakia. She had been attending an art school from early childhood and was always very close to writing stories and poetry. She studied Slovak language, literature, and communication studies at the University of Presov, where she successfully graduated with a master’s degree. A few years after graduation, she decided to leave the country and start over in the Netherlands, where she determined to write her first debut – Crazy game called Life. Her life journey has been challenging but also very abundant. Spiritual awakening is never an easy path, but it brings a purpose to the people, and it opens their minds to all possibilities. Crazy game called life is a science fiction book where the author plays with imagination, but sometimes, imagination isn’t that far from reality.

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