Book Review: More Songs to Listen to at Midnight: More Songs by Kewayne Wadley

by Kewayne Wadley (Author), Alice Branch (Editor), Cammry Lapka (Illustrator)

If you loved Listening to Songs at Midnight, I have a treat for you!

There’s a volume two for this beautiful poetry anthology! Here is “More Songs to Listen to at Midnight: More Songs“. This collection from Kewayne Wadley picks up the baton from his debut anthology and races ahead, painting a broader canvas of love, heartbreak, and moments that echo in silence. For those of you who are new to my book reviews, I LOVE poetry!

And I especially love poetry from indie authors. I love the raw, unfiltered, and very real approach that these authors/poets take and the realness that we get to experience with it. I have a big collection of indie poetry books and I’m very happy to be able to add another book from this author to the mix.

In volume two, Wadley once again captures the spirit of romance and its nuances. This time, he introduces readers to the places and emotions often overlooked. This isn’t merely a continuation, but an elevation. Every poem is an intimate exploration of familiar feelings, made fresh by Wadley’s unique perspective and lyrical genius. You get a feel for how Wadley grew up and the things he experienced throughout his lifetime, but it also has a relatable and sometimes even nostalgic feel to it as well.

The cover design by Cammry Lapka adds depth to the anthology, and Alice Branch’s touch ensures that the collection is presented in its best possible version. Their collaboration indeed proves that when talented minds come together, magic is bound to happen.

It already has some awesome reviews from other readers and the reviews make it clear: this anthology is a treasure trove of emotions, one that resonates with a wide audience. Whether it’s the powerful punch of “A City Full of You”, the haunting allure of “Desire and Midnight Snacks”, or the calming serenity of “Anywhere There Is Peace”, there’s something for everyone. The poems are raw, relatable, and brimming with authenticity.

One particularly striking piece, “Old Songs”, paints an evocative picture of nostalgia, invoking feelings of longing and an aching beauty. It is in such verses that Wadley’s prowess shines brightest, effortlessly drawing readers into a world of emotions and memories, reminding us of the solace that can be found in the midst of heartbreak.

Beyond the romantic, this collection also touches upon universal truths and profound reflections on life. Verses like “Time remembers everything” serve as poignant reminders of the fleeting nature of moments, urging readers to cherish every second we get because we never know when the last one is coming.

In conclusion, “More Songs to Listen to at Midnight” isn’t just a continuation of its predecessor; it is an evolution, a richer tapestry woven with threads of emotions, memories, and profound insights. It reiterates that poetry isn’t just for those who love it, but for anyone who has ever felt, loved, lost, and found themselves again. Kewayne Wadley, with his impeccable craft, ensures that every reader finds a piece of themselves within these pages. Don’t let this gem pass you by. Dive into this soulful journey and let the waves of emotions wash over you.

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