New Beginnings: A Time To Mourn, A time To Rejoice: Kemet Island Series- Book 2

 In A Time When Pirates Roam The Seas: A 17th Century Christian Romance Adventure: Change is Inevitable

by Mayra Barry 

*Coming in May 2024*

If you enjoy watching adventurous romance movies, Hallmark films or Poldark series, then you will enjoy the Kemet Island Series.

“New Beginnings” Book #2 of the series continues the journey and adventures of the Kemet and Smith families. In Book #2 the adventure extends as Joe Smith’s birth home struggles to maintain whatever finances possible as the business runs slow without Joe present.

A new journey gives way when a new disaster strikes and the Smith household is forced to travel far away to find a new place of living.

Along their travels, one of the family members departs, leaving those remaining to continue without them. Though the Smith family never planned on the changes that lay ahead of them, a reunion is about to take place.

New Beginnings – Book #2 of the Kemet Island Series is a movie-quality adventure that will leave you wanting to know what happens next, so grab your popcorn and have a good read. Preorder now!


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