Laurence P. Cromwell was once like many of us, navigating through life without direction or purpose, eager to uncover some deeper meaning to it all. Out of sheer desperation, and through the influence of a series of strange childhood occurrences, he became obsessed with the notion of true Magic, the ability to manipulate the world around him in ways often assumed impossible by others. Scouring countless shelves, he searched for that one old tome or relic which might reveal itself to be something more – something Magical. He knew in his heart he was destined for great things, if only he could make that first, crucial discovery. But as Laurence – along with an unlikely pair destined for a similar fate – would soon find out, not all Magical Objects exist to be used, to be possessed. And some are better off left where they were buried long, long ago…

Beginning on our planet, in the prosaic time period known as present day, the Journey Eternal series methodically recounts the story of a group of unsuspecting heroes as they gain the courage and experience necessary to traverse billions of years, multiple worlds, and countless twisting timelines to discover the truth of humanity’s Magical past, as well as the monstrous future awaiting not only our race, but our entire universe. Will they succeed in restoring Magic to its prior state before time runs out, or will the forces of darkness prove too powerful, too tempting, even for them?

Prepare to pull back the veil, revealing a world of Dark Magic and demons, of a battle that goes beyond good and evil, where heroes and villains clash not only with each other, but their own inner turmoil and precarious destinies. But beware, dear reader. As you take these first steps of your own journey, remember this:

Not all fantasy is fiction, and nothing is ever quite as it seems…

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