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No Dominion: Inferno Of Time (Sapphire Chronicles Book 2)

by VV Sinclair 

This is book two of the Sapphire Chronicles series by VV Sinclair. I previously read the first book, Timewrecked, and I was so excited to receive an ARC of the second book to enjoy and to tell you all about.

No Dominion: Inferno of Time” combines historical fiction with science fiction to create an engrossing story that will have readers on the edge of their seats. In this exciting sequel to the Sapphire Chronicles series, we follow Elizabeth Sapphire (from the first book) on an epic voyage.

She’s a time traveler from the 26th century and she makes a groundbreaking discovery with the potential to alter the path of history forever. I love time travel books so I was very excited for this whole series, and especially to see how the story continues in book two.

With the early 20th century as a backdrop, Sinclair skillfully handles the nuances of history and time travel. Elizabeth Sapphire, the main character, is struck by an errant energy wave from her asteroid and ends up stranded in 1909. Sapphire’s mission to recover her unique U-boat time machine and protect her ground-breaking discovery turns into an exciting journey as she finds herself pursued by enemies and her time machine stolen.

Sinclair tells a story that is exciting, dangerous, and just a little bit fantastical—a skill that shows off her storytelling abilities. The story gains emotional depth and intensity with the arrival of Primeval operatives, which include a monster version of Sapphire’s sister who has been dead for a long time. The stakes are high since these evil powers are hunting Sapphire down nonstop to use her discoveries to further their own dark agenda.

One of the novel’s strongest aspects is the way it skillfully blends science fiction and actual history. The setting of the early 20th century is vividly rendered, providing an intriguing backdrop for the time-traveling exploits. Sinclair’s painstaking attention to detail and historical realism elevate the plot, making it a fascinating and instructive read.

Elizabeth Sapphire is a fascinating, multifaceted character. She is a heroine worth supporting due to her tenacity, wit, and willpower. Readers are captivated by her fight and victories as she faces up to the Primeval and makes her way through the perilous waters of time. The story is charmingly enhanced by the presence of a feline companion, providing moments of tenderness amid the suspenseful action. I am here for every story with cats and this one did not disappoint!

Sinclair’s story is interesting and thought-provoking at the same time. There is much food for thought in the examination of subjects like history modification, temporal interference’s effects, and the nature of destiny. The fast-paced narrative has unexpected turns that captivate readers from the beginning to the end.

For lovers of both historical fiction and science fiction, “No Dominion: Inferno of Time” is an essential read. This novel promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable read, If you have not yet started the series, check out Timewrecked and then read this one next. It’s currently in preorder, with a release date of June 15th!

Final Verdict: The captivating follow-up “No Dominion: Inferno of Time” masterfully combines science fiction and historical narrative. V.V. Sinclair tells a gripping story that will hold readers’ attention from start to finish with a strong protagonist, a vividly drawn environment, and a plot full of suspense and intrigue. And there’s a cat!

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