The Bitcoin Conspiracy: Financial Thriller Fiction 

by Tom Callahan 

The Bitcoin Conspiracy: Financial Thriller Fiction (The Tom Michaels & Laura Reynolds America is Under Attack Series Book 1)

The Bitcoin Conspiracy: A financial thriller fiction
The Tom Michaels & Laura Reynolds America is under Attack Series Book 1

America is under attack.
Fueled by resentment of America’s global dominance, Russia and China conspire to dethrone the US Dollar from its lofty perch as the global reserve currency. Their weapon of choice? Bitcoin — a game-changing digital currency shrouded in mystery, with an enigmatic developer who walked away from a 70-billion-dollar fortune rather than see his creation corrupted by evil.
Enter dazzling NSA operative Laura Roberts and heartthrob NAVY Seal turned CIA Deputy Director Tom Michaels. Amid an atmosphere of intrigue and danger, it falls to this duo to foil the grand scheme and rebuild a world ravaged by nuclear conflict. But their mission is complicated by a criminal, egocentric Ex- President who remains unconcerned with global fallout as long as his personal economic interests remain unaffected.
As they navigate a landscape reshaped by war, pandemic, and Bitcoin, will America rise to its historic role as a leader with a strong moral compass?
Or will a new world order ascend, driven by Russia, China, and the shadowy power of Bitcoin?

THE BITCOIN CONSPIRACY delivers high-stakes drama, global politics, and tantalizing romance in a fast-paced thriller packed with adrenaline and nail-biting suspense!

This book is available via Amazon in all formats – paperback, hardcover, audiobook, Kindle, and in Kindle Unlimited.

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